Bursa is a city of both; historical charm and natural beauty. The first capital city of the Ottomans, a major terminal spot on the ancient ‘Silk Road’, a modern and vibrant industrial city.

With an early morning departure from our hotel we drive to Bursa through the Osmangazi bridge over the Gulf of İzmit, enjoying the idyllic scenery all along the way. Following our arrival in Bursa we will take a super-panoramic cable car ride to Mt. Uludag, the legendary Mt. Olympos of Bithynia. Then we take a short drive to the old town center to have our lunch in a historical local restaurant to savor the famous ‘İskender Kebab’ of Bursa. After the lunch we stroll through the alleys of the old town center and visit the Grand Covered Bazaar, the 14th Century Ulu Cami (Grand Mosque) and ‘the Kozahan’, a 15th century silk market which is still functioning as a silk trade center. The final visit of the day will be to a 13th century Turkish village called ‘Cumalıkızık’ situated at the out skirts of the city. This charming village surrounded with forests of plane and chestnut trees is the site of the earliest known examples of Turkish houses. Late evening return to Istanbul by ferry and transfer to your hotel.

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