To begin the day with: a 90 minutes cruise will take you through the Bosphorus strait which is separating the two continents and bringing together the two seas. As you navigate along the shores of the Bosphorus you will be enjoying a delightful scenery decorated with 19th century imperial palaces of the Ottomans, 15th century fortresses and some of the most beautiful and expensive mansions in the world. After disembarking the boat we will be heading towards a 17th century mall called ‘the Egyptian Spice Bazaar’ which still functions as a spice and dried foods market with mystical smells and aromas, spreading around from hundreds of shops selling spices, fruits, vegetables, nuts, flowers, fish… Free time will be allocated for shopping in this bazaar.For the lunch we take a 25 minutes ferry ride Kadıköy district center, the most vibrant market place of Istanbul where we will be mixing up with the locals for some great culinary experiences.

After free time for exploration of the area and for having lunch we meet back and take a short drive to The Beylerbeyi Palace. This beautiful 19th century water front palace was a summer home for the Ottoman royalty and their royal visitors from other countries.  You will be listening to the stories of the past of the palace as you walk through the magnificently decorated reception halls, rooms and gardens.

At the final of the tour we drive back from Asia to Europa via the Bosphorus bridge, the only intercontinental bridge of the world.

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